Weed control

Taking control of pesky lawn weeds

A weed-free lawn is a beautiful lawn. Those weeds can be such a hassle to maintain on your own, but that’s why were here. Not only do we provide treatments for your lawn and shrubbery, we also apply pre-emergence to help control future weed growth. Our technicians are here to take care of all those pesky lawn weeds while you sit back and relax.

A few simple tips to know about controlling future weed growth:

  1. Keeping your lawn cut regularly at a height of 3-5 inches not only makes it look good, but allows for healthy grass roots. The healthier the grass, the less weeds you’ll have.
  1. A regular watering schedule is important to have because healthy grass roots push out weeds.
  1. Lawn fertilization helps feed and replenish the nutrients in the soil to upkeep the health of your lawn, allowing those grass roots to fight off future weed growth.

Benefits of Weed Control:

As a homeowner or business owner you have invested a lot into your lawn and landscape. Weed control helps not only preserve your investment but also save you from wasting time having to pull weeds. Less weeds in your lawn helps more nutrients into the roots, inducing thicker grass and more vibrant color.