Pest Control

Knowing how they impact your Grass, Soil, and Plants

There are wide ranges of insects and pests that can quickly invade your landscape as well as create major damage if left untreated long enough. Knowing how they impact your grass, soil, and plants are something a lawn pest control company can teach you. There are many common signs to help distinguish if your lawn has been infested. This may include brown spots where the roots of the grass have been damaged, seeing if something is eating on the blades of plants, or holes left in the soil itself. Green Box is here to help you deal with this problem and return your landscape back to a healthy state.

Most commonly found in the Tampa area:

Chinch Bugs

Sod Webworms

Chinch bugs are the most damaging insect in the state. They tend to invade St. Augustine grass and can rapidly cause a lot of damage if left untreated long enough. A common way to identify Chinch Bug damage is by looking for large yellow patches in your lawn.

Sod Webworms are found commonly in Florida since their most active during warm, humid temperatures. These pests are destructive to turfs including St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, and much more. A common way to identify a sod webworm infestation is by looking for shorter, light green patches of grass or by identifying tan months flying out of the grass when disturbed.

These are not the only invasive species, but they are two of the most common and damaging ones we see in the Tampa area. Here at Green Box, we have the professional knowledge to easily identify and treat any infestation problem that may be occurring on your lawn.

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