Fertilization Treatments are a great way to maintain a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn.

When investing into a landscape, it’s important to include proper lawn care procedures as well. Fertilization treatments are a great way to maintain a beautiful, healthy lawn whether its for newly installed sod or for current sod, as well as for any plants or shrubs. For those with newly installed sod, its very important to invest in fertilizer treatments especially during the initial growth period. When the sod first arrives, it looks pristine and green, but if proper care is not implemented it will quickly fade out and die. Fertilizers also help reduce the possibility of fungi such as Dollar Spot Fungus found very commonly in the Tampa Bay area.

Many people believe fertilizers are as simple as purchasing from a local supermarket and applying it to the lawn, but it not. It’s important for you to understand the specific grass type and soil needs involved when determining the correct fertilizer ratio. Our technicians at Green Box are here to make that easier for you. We will come out and precisely examine your lawn’s unique features to determine the proper ratio and application schedule that is needed to help restore your lawn to its natural, beautiful state. 

Why Choose Green Box:

Here at Green Box, we have the skills and knowledge to ensure you exceptional results. Not only are we applying fertilizer to the needed areas, during our visit, our experienced technicians will do an overall check on your irrigation system as well. Its important to make sure that your irrigation system is properly running since they work hand-and-hand with fertilizers in ensuring proper lawn care. If any issues do come to our technician’s attention, we will simply refer you over to our sister company Oasis Irrigation and Landscaping to set you up for any needed repairs.